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We stock our machines with the biggest names, all-time favorites, and hand-made originals that are sure to satisfy everyone. There is a vending machine to fit every need and necessity, from large warehouses to small offices.

Types of Machines:
  • Snack/Candy
  • Coffee
  • Canned Soda
  • Bottled Beverage
  • All-Purpose/Fresh Food
  • Frozen Food & Ice Cream
  • Combo Machine (Refrigerated)
  • Bill Changer
Every day, we make items with the freshest food and with the highest quality ingredients. With a 4-week rotating menu, we are able to offer a wide variety of choices. With each customer, we are able to track trends and cater to each individual locationís top-sellers and least desired Ė leading to low food waste and more of what you want to see (and eat)!


For customers who would like a healthier alternative to the typical vending experience, we now have a solution. We are using the "Green Dot System". Every healthy snack, sandwich, salad etc. we place into a machine, is labeled with a green dot, making it easier for our customers to identify what is a healthier decision. We continue to work on expanding not only our snack availability, but also on creating healthy on-the-go meals.

If ever there is an issue; a machine isnít vending, itís giving incorrect change, things just arenít up to snuff Ė donít worry. We have a team of on-site, highly trained service technicians. If a problem arises, give us a call. We are also available on-call during weekends, in case your company is open and needs servicing.



No workday is complete without your favorite coffee or hot beverage. We carry a wide variety of coffee products from multiple distributors.

Green Mountain
Maxwell House
National Coffee Roasters

Donut Shop
Cafť Classics
Reunion Island


We also carry a large variety of other coffee supplies such as:
Cups (variety of type &size)
Tea Bags (flavors upon request)
Hot Chocolate


Do the machines at your facility need a face-lift?
We can install anything from a Bunn pour over to the increasingly popular Keurig K-Cup machine or Pod brewing machine.

No two offices are alike, therefore, we pride ourselves on working with each customer closely and personally. We work with your tastes, your preferences, and do everything we can to meet your requests.



The Earth is covered by 71% water.
The Human body is made up of 55% to 78% water.

The average business should use 100% fresh, filtered water to help reach the 64 ounces per day we are suggested to drink daily.
Fitchburg Creamery offers:
Bottled water
  • Poland Springs
  • Vermont Pure
  • 5 gallon & 3 gallon option
  Bottled water coolers
  • Cold Cooler
  • Hot and Cold Cooler
Filtered water cooler systems   Cups for your water


Water Filtration Coolers

You have the option of renting or purchasing a filtration cooler through us. Each filter is rated for about 1,500 gallons of filtered water.
     If rented, we will replace filters as needed by the customer.
     If purchased, a filter will need to be bought in order for it to be replaced, though we will still service the equipment as needed.

The cups we are able to provide range anywhere from 4 ounce paper cone cups to 9 ounce plastic water cups. You may discuss what best fits your needs with your sales person upon order.

Contact Us for more information on these products and services.



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